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Forms and Applications

Form # Title
 Temporary Sign Request
079 Sign Permit Application
080 Address Request Application
081 Construction Permit Application
082 Certificate of Occupancy Permit Application
083 Commercial Plumbing and Mechanical Fixture Application
084 Residential Plumbing and Mechanical Fixture Application
085 Site Plan Requirements Checklist
086 Water/Sewer Connection Permit Application
087 Residential Building Permit Checklist
088 Non-Residential Building Permit Checklist
089 City Bldg Permit Fees list
090 Information & Guidelines Regarding Building Permits
091 Utility Policy
092 Road Name Application
093 Water/Sewer Availability Request (costs)
 094 Building Permit Fee Waiver Request
 095 Supplemental Form for Adult Family Home
 096 Floodplain Development Permit Application

Fire Code
 Submit two forms: Use Form 200 Fire Code Permit Application AND the  appropriate Submittal Checklist / Supporting Document from the list below. Complete and submit with all required documentation. For other project types, Contact South Kitsap Fire & Rescue at 360-871-2411.
Form #Title
 200 Fire Code Permit Application: USE WITH ALL PERMIT TYPES
 201 Fire Alarm Submittal Checklist
 202 Fire Alarm Over-the-Counter Supporting Document
 203 Fire Sprinkler Submittal Checklist - New of More Than 20 Heads
 204 Fire Sprinkler Over-the-Counter Supporting Document
 205 Hood Suppression System Submittal Checklist
 206 Temporary Tent or Membrane Structure Submittal Checklist
 207 Tank Install or Decommission Submittal Checklist and Project Information
 208 Pyrotechnics Special Effects Submittal Checklist

Land Use
Form # Title
001 Temporary Use Permit Application
002 Comprehensive Plan Designation or Amendment Application
003 Preliminary Plat and Final Plat Application
004 NOI Annexation Application
005 Conditional Use Permit
007 Rezone, Rezone Revision or Reconsideration
008 Boundary Line Adjustment Application
009 Short Plat (4 lots or less) or Short Plat Amendment
010 View Protection Overlay Exemption or Variance
011 Pre-Application Meeting Form and Guidelines
012 Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Checklist
013 SEPA Checklist Supplement D
014 Variance or Administrative Variance Request
015 Shoreline Exemption Request
016 Shoreline Substantial Development, CUP Shoreline, Shoreline Variance
017 Project Review by The Design Review Board
018 Expedited Plan Review  & Expedited/Special Inspection Form
 Administrative Permit Application
 Land Use Determination Letter Request
 022 Conversion Option Harvest Plan Agreement
  Appeal of an Administrative Decision (filed with the City Clerk's Office)
  Appeal of a Hearing Examiner Decision (filed with the City Clerk's Office)
  Land Use Fees

Washington State Environmental Permitting: JARPA Application

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