Port Orchard

Welcome to Port Orchard

Council Short Term Goals

2014 Goals 

Bethel Corridor Plan

  • Interim improvements
  • Redesign policy discussion/public process

Bay Street Pedestrian Pathway

  • Right-of-way certification 
  • Bridge Segment No. 4

Joint Waterfront Planning with the Port of Bremerton

  • Begin public process

Sidewalks and street improvement

  • Pavement Management System (PMS)
  • LImited repaving

Tremont Corridor

  • Continue to seek construction money


  • Finish Well No. 10 design
  • Water/sewer gap analysis

DeKalb Pier

  • Phase 2
  • Funding and construction


  • Finish Phase 1 for McCormic Woods Park
  • Identify improvements to Paul Powers Park and public process

Identify and respond to opportunities for grants which support the Council’s goals and objectives

Promote business

  • Catalog businesses and identifying efficiencies

Identify a facility/location for the Police Department

Website Update

  • Evaluate website irmprovements
  • Research use of technology to iimprove access to City documents and Council materials

2015 Goals

Bethel Corridor Plan

  • Road redesign

Bay Street Pedestrian Pathway

  • Segment No. 3

Sidewalks and street improvements

  • Annual allocaiton for improvements

Tremont Corridor

  • Begin Construction


  • Fund and construct Well No. 10

Website update

  • Evaluate options to fully update website