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Ordinances are laws, statues or regulations approved by the City Council. Ordinances, if codified, will become part of the Port Orchard Municipal Code (POMC). The City clerk's office maintains the orginal ordinances, which are available to the public.

001-15 Sales and Use Tax on Parking Passes
002-15 Latecomer Agreement Procedures
004-15 City Park Rules and Hours
005-15 Amending the 2015 Budget
006-15 Exempting Minor Reroofing Work from Building Permit Requirements
007-15 Interim Zoning for Tremont Street Corridor Overlay District


001-14 Admin Approval of Minor Preliminary Plat Amendments
002-14 Removing Prohibition Against Pawnshops Selling Firearms Ammunication
003-14 Adding New Recreational Marijuana Chapter to the POMC
004-14 Allowing School Bus Storage as a Conditional Use
005-14 Amending POMC Property Specific Designation Overlay Districts
006-14 Creating a New Business Professional II Zone
007-14 Amending the 2014 Budget
008-14 City Flag Policies
009-14 Extending the Term with Cascade Natural Gas
010-14 Franchise Agreement with Cascade Natural Gas
011-14 Gambling
012-14 Restricting Medical Marijuana Businesses - FAILED
013-14 Street Vacations
014-14 Public Records Requests
015-14 Establishing New Storm Drainage Rate Schedule
016-14 Adopting Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan
017-14 Amending the 2014 Budget
018-14 Building Permit Extensions
019-14 Development Agreements
020-14 Adopting the 2015 Budget
021-14 Amendments to the Comp Plan
022-14 Remaning, Replealing and Adding Funds to the 2015 Budget
023-14 Delivery of Public Defender Services


001-13 Parking Violators of the Port Orchard Municipal Code
002-13 No Marijuana Use in Public
003-13 Amending 'Stormwater Management' to Authorize Permit Extensions

Repealing Chapter 2.26 'Library'

005-13 Adopting the Shoreline Master Program
006-13 Abolishing the Payroll and Claims Funds
007-13 Recovery of the Cost of Recording Fees for Storm Drainage Liens
008-13 Increasing Certain Water and Sewer Charges and Fees
009-13 Amending POMC Section 7.12.090 'Animal Ownership Restrictions'
010-13 Amending the Budget for Year 2013 Adopted by Ordinance 024-12
011-13 Adopting the 2012 Editions of Building Code Updates
012-13 Adopting the 2012 International Fire Code
013-13 Amending POMC 2.04.030 Special Meeting Notifications
014-13 Amending POMC Investigation Funding
015-13 Amending POMC Section 15.38 Flood Damage Prevention
016-13 Amending POMC Section 2.36.010 Faithful Performance Bonds
017-13 Amending POMC Section 16.70.230 Park Impact Fees -
018-13 Repealing POMC Chapter 5.52 Billboards and Handbills
019-13 Amending POMC Section 9.34.040 Placing Handbills on Vehicles
020-13 City Council Members Compensation
021-13 Approval of Developement Agreement with The Sinclair, LLC
022-13 Interim Land Use Regulations Concerning Recreational Marijuana
023-13 Amending POMC 5.12 'Business Licenses' Relating to Marijuana
024-13 Electric Vehicles
025-13 Parking, Stopping, or Standing
026-13 Amending the 2013 Budget
027-13 Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
028-13 2013 Amendments to the Comp Plan
029-13 Adopting the 2014 Budget

If you have any questions, please contact the  City Clerk, Brandy Rinearson by telephone at

360-876-7030, or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .