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Resolutions are formal expressions or opinions of the City Council. The City Clerk's office maintains the original resolutions, which are available to the public.

001-16 Approving C002-16 with PND Engineers - Dekalb Pier Phase 2
002-16 Approving C003-16 with Krazan & Associates - On Call Construction/Materials Testing
003-16 Approving C004-16 with KPFF Consulting - On Call Bridge Management
004-16 Approving C006-16 with HDR Engineering, Inc. for the 2016 Well No, 9
005-16 Supporting the SKSD School Construction Bond
006-16 Confirming Mayoral Appointments to Boards and Committees
007-16 Authorizing a Contract with the Doctors Clinic
008-16 Confirming Mayoral Appointment to Planning Commission
009-16 Approving Contract with Robinson Noble, Inc. for Hydrogeological Services
010-16 Approving Contract with Pace Engineers, Inc. for 2016 Regional Decant Facility Retrofit
011-16 Supporting the 2017-2020 Federal Funding Cycle - Tremont Street Widening
012-16 Approving Contract with KPG, Inc. for PSRC Regional and KRCC Countywide App.
013-16 Approving C012-16 with Parametrix for 2016 Bethel Paving Consruction
014-16 Declaing Certain Personal Property as Surplus
015-16 Accepting a Bid and Authorizing the Purchase of a Mid Size Code Enforcement Truck
016-16 Repealing Res. 001-14 and Establishing Council Committee Assignments
017-16 Accepting the Bid for 2 2016 RAM 1500 Trucks for Public Works
019-16 Approving C022-16 with Jones & Jones Architects for McCormick Village Park Phase 2
020-16 Declaring Certain Personal Property as Surplus and Authorizing Disposition Thereof
021-16 Increasing The Fees For Conflict Defense Panel Attorneys And Judges Pro Tem
022-16 Granting An Exemption From The View Protection Overlay District Regulations Under POMC 16.20.712 To Paul Berg
025-16 Transfer of any Interests in the Assests of CENCOM from the City of Port Orchard to Kitsap County
027-16 Establishing Fee Schedules
028-16 Updating the Required Right-of-Way Acquisition Procedures and Repealing in it's Entirity, Resolution No. 031-07
029-16 Supporting South Kitsap School District No. 402 General Obligations Bond Ballot Measure
030-16 Repealing Resolution No. 032-06 and Re-Establishing the Rules Governing Citizen Comments During a Regular City Council Meeting
031-16 Collective Bargaining Agreement with Teamsters Local No. 589 Representing the Municipal Court Employees
032-16 Collective Bargaining Agreement with Teamsters Local No. 589 Representing the Police Support Staff Employees
033-16 Collective Bargaining Agreement with Teamsters Local No. 589 Representing Public Works Employees
034-16 Approving Contract No. C044-16 With Universal Field Services, Inc. For The 2016 Bay Ford Lease Agreement
035-16 Aqua Terra Cultural Resource Consultants For Completion Of An Archaeological Assessment For Mccormick Village Park Phase 2
036-16 Repealing Resolution Nos. 1797 And 001-10 And Re-Establishing A Policy For Permitting The Display Of Banners From Over Sr166 At Bay Street
037-16 Recognizing Job Descriptions For Information Technology Positons And Authorizing The Position Of It Specialist.
038-16 Declaring The Part Time Department Of Community Development Administrative  Assitant Position A Permanent Part Time Job Position
039-16 Establishing A Cola Increase For Non-Union Represented Employees Classified As Flsa Non Exempt
040-16 Establishing A Cola Increase For Non-Union Represented Employees Classified As Flsa Executive Exempt
041-16 Approving Contract No. C024-16 With Rice Fergus Miller, Inc. For The 2016 City Hall Repair And Expansion Assessment
042-16 Approving Contract No. C023-16 With Fehr & Peers For The 2016 Crosswalk Pedestrian Crossing Policy
043-16 Otis Elevator Maintenance
044-16 Fixing The Date Of Public Hearing On A Petition To Vacate A Portion Of City Right-Of-Way Located In The Alley Off Of Tremont Street
045-16 Contract With Transportation Solutions For An ADA Transition Plan
046-16 Contract With Infrastructure Management Services For The Pavement Management System
047-16 Resolution Fixing The Date Of A Public Hearing On A Petition To Vacate A Portion Of City Right-Of-Way In The Alley Off Of Tremont Street
048-16 Execute Four (4) Quit Claim Deeds To Allow For The Legal Transfer Of Properties
049-16 Authorize The Transfer Of The City’s Interests, If Any, In Surplus Property Known As 100 Melcher Street By Quit Claim Deed
050-16 Asm Affilates, Inc. For The 2016 On-Call Archaeological Monitoring Services
051-16 Declaring As Surplus Property Known As 100 Melcher Street
052-16 Public Hearing On June 14, 2016 On The Proposed Assumption Of The Rights, Powers, Functions, And Obligations Of The Port Orchard TBD
053-16 Renaming And Designating The Little League Field Behind Givens Community Center
054-16 Seitel Systems LLC “par” post-assessment information technology roadmap
055-16 Establishing Relocation Assistance Appeals Process Policy And Procedures
056-16 Approving A Contract With Universal Field Services, Inc. For The 2016 Rco Grant Property Acquisition Appraisal
057-16 Salmon Recovery Board
058-16 Six-Year TIP 2017 to 2022
059-16 Approving C062-16 Transpogroup, Inc. - Anderson Hill Old Clifton Roundabout Design
060-16 Approving C063-16 N.L. Olson & Associates - Bay Street Pedestrian Pathway Segment #3
061-16 Amending Resolution No. 003-13, Social Media Policy
062-16 Preston Street Vacation
063-16 Authorizing the Mayor to execute a pedestrian pathway easement from Young & Nam, Inc.
064-16 Approving Contract No. C067-16 with Richards & Associates
065-16 Approving Contract No. C068-16 with Associated Eath Sciences
066-16 Authorizing the City Treasurer to make an Interfund Loan Transfer
067-16 Authorizing Berger Abam for the Tremont Street Widening
068-16 Legal Services Selection
069-16 ILA with AWC RMSA Services
001-15 Amending Development Agreement for SW Sidney Plaza Development
002-15 Fee Schedules for Community Development and Public Works
003-15 Declaring Property as Surplus
004-15 Approving Sole Source Purchase with Socialmentum LLC / Mindmixer
005-15 Appointment to the Planning Commission
006-15 Providing the PW Director with Amended Change Order Authority
008-15 Andasio Village Agreement
009-15 Re-establishing the Small Works Roster Process
010-15 Final Plat Approval for Fredericks Landing
011-15 Countywide Planning Policies
012-15 Surplusing Property
013-15 Surplusing Property
014-15 Adopting the Six Year Transportation Improvement Program
015-15 Code Enforcement Officer
017-15 COLA Increase for Non Exempt Employees
018-15 COLA Increase for Executive Exempt Employees
019-15 Grant and Loan Agreement with the D.O.E. for Decant Facility Project
020-15 Documeting Procurement Procedures for Lund Avenue Bridge
021-15 Setting the Amount of Property Taxes for 2016
022-15 Dedicating a Portion of Hwy 16 to Trooper Tondy Radulescu
023-15 Retiring Officer Amber and Entrusting Care
024-15 Approving an On-Call Contract with Transportation Solutions, Inc.
025-15 Establising Fee Schedules for Public Works, DCD, and City Clerk

If you have any questions, please contact the City Clerk, Brandy Rinearson by telephone at

360-876-7030, or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Renaming And Designating The Little League Field Behind Givens Community Center From “Art Mikelsen Little League Field” To “Art Mikelsen Memorial Little League Field”, And Naming The Small Unnamed Driveway Behind Givens Community Center Between The Center And Ball Field “Art Mikelsen Lane”
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