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Resolutions are formal expressions or opinions of the City Council. The City Clerk's office maintains the original resolutions, which are available to the public.



 001-14 Reestablishing Council Committee Assignments and Rules
 002-14 Purchase of a Man-Lift for the City's Freightliner Truck
 003-14 Adopting the Revision of the Kitsap County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan


 001-13 Supporting the Ktisap County Mental Health Initiative
 002-13 Declaring Certain Personal Property as Surplus
 003-13 Establishing a Social Medial Policy
 004-13 Confirming Mayoral Appointment to the Planning Commission
 005-13 Declaring Certain Personal Property as Surplus
 006-13 Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Police Guild - Patrol Officer Employees
 007-13 Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Police Guild - Sergeant Employees
 008-13 Directing Repayment to the Recreation and Conservation Office for Blackjack Trail Project
 009-13 Reestablishing Small Works Roster Process
 010-13 Approving the Errol Dow Application for Timber Land Classification
 011-13 Supporting of a 2013 Transportation Investment Package
 012-13 Approving Dale Schuster Unused Sick, Holiday, and Vacation Leave
 013-13 Transactional Account for the SHIP Projects Grant
 014-13 Accepting a Donation of Public Art
 015-13 Adopting the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for 2014-2019
 016-13 Declaring Intent to Reclassify and Reorganize City
 017-13 Declaring Surplus Property
 018-13 Authorizing Webcheck Final Utility Billing and Lien Agreement
 019-13 Development Agreement with GEM1 for McCormick Woods
 020-13 Declaring Property as Surplus
 021-13 Increase COLA for Non Exempt
 022-13 Increase COLA for Executive Exempt
 023-13 Appointment of Trish Tierney to the Planning Commission
 024-13 Declaring Timber at McCormick Village Park to be Surplus
 025-13 Approval Interlocal Agreement with AWC for Employee Benefit Trust
 026-13 Sponsoring Kitsap Transit Application for AWC
 027-13 Setting Amount of Property Tax for 2014
 028-13 Adopting the Countywide Planning Policies
 029-13 Dedicating a Carolyn Powers Conference Room
 030-13 Designating Treasurer to Make Declarations of Official Intent
 031-13 Budget Amendments to the SK Water Reclamation Facility
 032-13 Confirming Mayoral Appointments to Boards and Commissions
 033-13 D.C.D. Front Counter Clerk Position
 034-13 Public Works Parks Employee

If you have any questions, please contact the City Clerk, Brandy Rinearson by telephone at

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