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Planning Maps

Click on the thumbnail images or the links in the table below to view Planning maps in pdf format. Some of the maps are large files and may take awhile to open.

Please note: As annexations occur, the City boundaries are modified. The maps on this web page may not reflect newly annexed areas. Please contact the Port Orchard Department of Community Development at (360) 874-5533 if you have any questions.

Links to Planning Maps 
 Base Map Base Map with Port Orchard City Limits   (1.2 MB)
 Comprehensive Plan Map


 Comprehensive Plan (Land Use) Map  (1.3 MB)


 Zoning Map


 Zoning Map  (1.36 MB)


 Environmental map  Environmental Map  (1.13 MB)
 Downtown Overlay District  Downtown Overlay District (631 KB)
Height Zone Map  Height Zone Map (1.37 MB)
 Tremont Corridor Map  Tremont Business Professional Zone Map (483 KB)
 Government Civic Center Aerial Map  Government Civic Center District Aerial Map (846 KB)
 Government Civic Center District  Government Civic Center District Map (540 KB)
 State-owned Aquatic Land Map  State Owned Aquatic Land Map (2.9 MB)
 Emergency Operations Map  Port Orchard Emergency Operations Map (1.23 MB)
 Flood Zone map  Port Orchard Flood Zone Map (1.25 MB)
 Floodplain parcels map Parcels with FEMA Floodplain Designations  (1.67 MB)
 Kitsap County Maps  Link to Kitsap County Department of Community Development Maps