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2020 City Comp Plan Amendments

2020 Comprehensive Plan Update – Preliminary Agenda

Pursuant to Port Orchard Municipal Code Section (POMC) 20.04.050, the City’s Community Development Director has initiated the process for the 2020 annual amendments to the Port Orchard Comprehensive Plan.  The City received applications for four amendments prior to the January 31, 2020 deadline.

In compliance with POMC 20.04.060(3), the Director is required to compile and maintain for public review a recommended final comprehensive plan amendment agenda.  The Director is recommending that three of the four submitted amendments be considered in 2020. The Director has based the agenda recommendations on a preliminary evaluation of the need, urgency, and appropriateness of the suggested comprehensive plan amendments, as well as the staff and budget availability to accommodate the public review process.

The following preliminary agenda is provided for the 2020 update to the Port Orchard Comprehensive Plan:

Comprehensive Plan Amendments for Consideration in 2020:

City-Initiated Text Amendments

  • Land Use Element.  Table 1 of the Land Use Element in the Comprehensive Plan will be replaced with an expanded table that addresses the range of possible maximum densities that are likely to develop in each zone, and the anticipated development density in each zone.
  • Utilities Element.  The Sewer System Capital Improvement Plan list (Table 7-2 of the Utilities Element) and the Water System Capital Improvement Plan list (Table 7-2 of the Utilities Element) have been updated.
  • Transportation Element.  The existing Street Standard Classification Map in the Transportation Element will be replaced by an updated map, consistent with the most recent street standards as adopted by the City’s Public Works Department.
  • 6-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  The updated 2020 TIP will extend 6-year funded transportation projects on the TIP to 2021-2026.
  • Appendix B (Plans Adopted by Reference).  The updates to the TIP (both 6-year and 20-year) have been updated in Appendix B.

City-Initiated Map Amendments

City staff have noted that the zoning classifications of a number of parcels are inconsistent with their land use designations on the City’s Land Use Map in the Comprehensive Plan. Staff have therefore proposed a number of land use designation changes which will make the zoning and land use designations of these parcels consistent.

Geiger Road LLC Text Amendment

The proposed text amendment to policy in the Centers section of the Land Use Element, and the accompanying illustration, would increase the size of the Sedgwick Bethel Countywide Center from 141 acres to 161 acres, with the addition of 20 acres to the southern boundary of the center, south of Geiger Rd. The boundary currently bisects two 20-acre parcels owned by Geiger Road LLC so that only the north half of these properties is included in the center. The addition of the southern half of these properties would allow the entirety of Geiger Road LLC’s future multifamily project (Glenmore Apartments, 320 units) to be included in the center.

Review Process:

The final comprehensive plan amendment agenda shall be determined by the City Council no later than April 30, 2020. When the final agenda is approved, a public notice and comment period will be provided in compliance with the Type V (legislative) permit process requirements in POMC 20.22.070 and 20.25.040.  A public hearing will also be held per POMC 20.22.070(2), and a notice of the hearing will be issued in compliance with POMC 20.25.050.  The Planning Commission shall make its recommendations regarding the proposed comprehensive plan amendments to the City Council no later than June 30, 2020.  The City Council shall make a final decision on each proposed amendment by December 15, 2020.

A summary of each amendment application, including maps for the site-specific amendments, are available for review on the City’s website at:


Comments or questions regarding the 2020 update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan should be sent to the City of Port Orchard, Community Development Department, 720 Prospect Street, Port Orchard, WA 98366, [email protected].

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