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Elected Officials

Cindy Lucarelli

Position No. 5
Term Expiration 12-31-2023

My involvement with Port Orchard city government began in 2006 with the forming of a neighborhood association.  Attending most city council meetings, I kept informed and involved with the workings of our city.  In 2011, I was elected to serve on the Port Orchard City Council and in 2015, was re-elected to represent the citizens of our community. It is a great honor and a responsibility I take seriously. There has been a lot to learn about the governance of our city, and I must admit to enjoying the process immensely. Currently I serve on, and chair, the Utilities, Sewer Advisory and Festival of Chimes & Lights Committees.

I love Port Orchard and am working to see it grow into a greater place to live and raise families, while maintaining our small-town charm. Fiscal responsibility is high on my priority list as we see that tax dollars are spent to continually upgrade the quality of life within our city limits.  I welcome your input on issues you hold near and dear and thank you for this opportunity to serve as your council member.



  • Festival of Chimes and Lights
  • Utilities Committee
  • Sewer Advisory Committee
  • Kitsap Economic Development Alliance (KEDA)

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