Pursuant to Resolution 054-18,  there is no Council meeting scheduled for August 27, 2019. The next regularly scheduled meeting is September 10, 2019.

Finance Department


Finance Department
216 Prospect Street
Port Orchard, WA 98366
Monday through Friday
8:00am through 4:30pm
Closed all Federal Holidays

Click here for information on our new utility billing software and to access the new online payment system.

The City of Port Orchard’s Finance Department is accountable for the accurate management of the City’s resources. The Finance Department is directly responsible for Utility Billing, Business Licensing, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Capital Assets, Grant Management, Budget and Auditing, Debt Management, Financial Reporting, Payroll and Employee Benefits, Human Resources, and Information Technology.

The City has adopted Financial Policies that provide the basic foundation and framework for many of the issues and decisions facing the City. The policies promote sound financial management and assist in the City’s stability, efficiency, and effectiveness. The financial goals included in the policies seek to:

  • Ensure the financial integrity of the City
  • Manage the financial assets in a sound and prudent manner
  • Improve financial information for decision makers at all levels:
    • Policy makers as they contemplate decisions that affect the City on a long- term basis
    • Managers as they implement policy on a day-to-day basis
  • Maintain and further develop programs to ensure the long term ability to pay all costs necessary to provide the level and quality of service required by citizens
  • Maintain a spirit of openness and transparency while being fully accountable to the public for the City's fiscal activities
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