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Public Works Department

The Public Works crew is supervised by the Public Works Supervisor and is responsible for maintenance of the City’s infrastructure.

The Public Works crew repairs the City streets and street signs. Typically, the City contracts annually for paving selected streets. The Public Works crew cannot repair or maintain private streets.

The City maintains public sidewalks. These sidewalks are periodically inventoried and a contract is let annually to replace the worst sections of walkways. New sidewalks are typically constructed by developers or neighborhood Local Improvement Districts.

The City has and maintains its parks, but it does not have a Parks activity program. Inquiries to rent the Active Club should be directed to the Public Works office at (360) 876-4991.

The City provides water and sewer service within the city limits, including the McCormick Woods community. Our city limits overlap with the West Sound Utility District, which provides services to areas within Port Orchard. Inquiries about water and sewer service should be directed to the City Public Works office at (360) 876-4991 or the districts. Kitsap County Health District can also assist you if you call (360) 728-2235.

Port Orchard and the West Sound Utility District jointly own and operate the Joint Wastewater Treatment Facility, which provides secondary treatment to our community’s wastewater before it enters Sinclair Inlet. The City contracts with the district for the day-to-day operation of the facility, and specific treatment questions should be directed to the District at (360) 876-2545.

The City maintains its stormwater system to include culverts and City-owned stormwater ponds.


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