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Port Orchard Downtown and County Government Campus Development of Subarea Plan and Planned Action EIS

Introduction, June 2020

Project Overview

The City of Port Orchard has hired a consultant team led by GGLO Architects and Planners to work with City staff to develop a subarea plan and planned action EIS for the Port Orchard Downtown and County Government Campus. These areas have land uses and conditions that are unique to the City and would benefit from the subarea process as they are anticipated to accommodate a share of the City's future growth. The subarea and planned action EIS planning process will address issues such as current land uses, development capacity, future development mix and location of densities and uses, transportation, utilities, public facilities, amenities, and natural resources. The result of the planning process will be a neighborhood plan which will be incorporated in the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

The completed subarea plan will provide long-range goals and policies to form a framework for redevelopment as well as specific goals and policies for land-use, environmental protection, and transportation. Additionally, the subarea plan will address the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) regional centers criteria to support the City’s potential future designation as an Urban Growth Center. The subarea plan and planned action EIS will be partly funded by an E2SHB 1923 grant administered by the Washington State Department of Commerce.

Study Area

The primary study area includes City’s Downtown and County Campus Centers as defined in the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The subarea plan will focus on opportunities for redevelopment along the City’s waterfront, and adjacent to the Kitsap County Government Campus. A broader 329-acre study area will also be evaluated to inform future Comprehensive Plan updates, and a potential PSRC Regional Center Designation.

Project Components

Component One - identify a long-range land use vision, opportunities to increase housing, and transportation plan for the Port Orchard Downtown and County Government Campus Subarea.
Component Two - prepare the required Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in response to applicable state, and local environmental policy act requirements, and provide support for City approval of the Subarea Plan and completion of the Final EIS and PAO. Department of Community Development (DCD) staff will be responsible for drafting the planned action ordinance based on the consultant’s recommendation, and will coordinate the final Planned Action Ordinance approval.

Public Outreach

The City and its consultants are committed to providing multiple opportunities for the public to engage throughout the planning process. Planned public outreach efforts are continuing to evolve in response to Covid-19, and the WA Stay Home, Stay Healthy order. An on-line survey will be issued as part of the initial public kick-off to gather feedback on the project goals and vision.

If you would like to be added to an email distribution list regarding the Port Orchard Downtown and County Government Campus Subarea Plan and Planned Action EIS, or if you would like to ask questions or share any suggestions, please email us at: [email protected].


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