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Drone Program

Unmanned Aircraft System Program

The police department began using drone technology in the Fall of 2020. Before gaining the ability to capture a sky-high view of the City, team members drafted strict policies on how and when the devices would be used. The program has been vetted by the FAA and all operators are certified pilots.

Our community commitment is to be proactive and innovative but also transparent and accountable. To accomplish this, the department will post monthly Unmanned Aircraft System reports on our website which will show how the device was used.


The department’s drone technology may only be used for specific operations such as:

  • Investigative support
    • Site mapping – document, measure, locate, and assist in the investigation of a crime scene.
    • Traffic – document, measure, locate and assist in collision investigation.
    • Search Warrant – collect evidence of a crime under an approved judicial search warrant
  • Critical incidents
    • Natural disasters
    • Hazardous material response
    • Aerial support for the Fire Department
    • Tactical deployment – provide situational awareness to those being sent into emergency situations (under judicial approval as appropriate).
  • Search and rescue operations
    • Missing and endangered persons
    • Marine events
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Training


The department remains committed to being accountable to the community and this mandate requires us to demonstrate we are responsible with our technology. The reports below report the departments use since the program’s inception.


April 2021 – UAS Usage Report
March 2021 – UAS Usage Report
February 2021 – UAS Usage Report
January 2021 – UAS Usage Report
December 2020 – UAS Usage Report
November 2020 – UAS  Usage Report
September 2020 – UAS Usage Report
August 2020 – UAS Usage Report


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