Bethel Road and Sedgwick Road Corridor Study    

Code City

Benefits of Becoming a Code City


  • Home Rule - Port Orchard as a Second Class City only has the powers specifically provided by the State Legislature while a Code City has all the powers of any class of City consistent with the State Constitution and not specifically denied to Code Cities by Law.
  • The proposed measure does not change our current City Council and strong Mayor form of Government.
  • Port Orchard, as one of six remaining Second Class Cities in Washington, creates inefficiency in the City's dealings with modern business practices. Most don't understand the limitation of a Second Class City as 195 Cities in Washington have adopted the Non-Charter Code City form of governance.
  • Code Cities have greater flexibility to meet the challenges and need of citizens and businesses of today; a Second Class City is limited by a narrow set of State laws dating back to 1890 and many revised in 1965.
  • Initiative and Referendum is an option that a Code City may adopt under the Non-Charter Code City form of governance.



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