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Parks Plan & Vision Survey

Posted on July 1, 2020

The City of Port Orchard is seeking input from citizens to assist with the vision for its Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan. The plan, last reviewed in 2011, takes a comprehensive look at park properties and recreation programs to help city officials understand how the park system is currently used and how it may be improved for the future. A survey is currently available for citizens to complete and provide input through July 2020, on what they would like to see in the plan. 

Port Orchard currently has approximately 70 acres of park area, as well as trails and other open space for public use. McCormick Village Park and Rockwell Park are the latest projects that opened in 2019. The updated Parks Plan will provide a 20-year vision for the local parks, recreation, open space, and trails, as well as a 6-year action plan for implementing short- and medium-term steps to succeed in this vision. 

“Port Orchard’s parks system is a point of pride for our city,” said Mayor Rob Putaansuu. “The latest park additions have been a significant success. We want to keep providing more and better venues for our citizens and guests to recreate in and around Port Orchard. Your input is invaluable to ensuring that we build the system that is an attraction for current and future residents.”

Steps in development of the Parks Plan update will include research, public involvement, and the creation of recommendations for all aspects of Port Orchard’s park system, including a community demand, supply and needs analysis. The Parks Plan will also include a framework for fiscally sound decision-making over a multi-year planning period. The Parks Plan functions in coordination with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Shoreline Master Program.

To participate in the survey and learn more about the Parks Plan, visit our website.

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