Police Chief Recruitment Announcement

Posted on February 1, 2019



February 1, 2019



Michael Painter, Director of Professional Services

Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs

(360) 292-7959


City of Port Orchard Police Chief Recruitment Announcement

PORT ORCHARD, WA – The City of Port Orchard has opened the recruitment process for a new Police Chief. The Chief of Police is the public face of the City of Port Orchard Police Department and must be able to foster effective relationships with the community, elected officials, regional partners, City administration, as well as the command staff, supervisors, officers and civilian members of the department. The top candidate will be an individual who has sound judgement and is compassionate, respectful, accountable, and possess the highest level of integrity. The ideal candidate will possess outstanding communication, advocacy and critical thinking skills, the successful candidate will be a proactive forward thinking law enforcement professional with a proven track record in effective change management, and innovative leading edge strategic leadership.

More information and application details are available on the City of Port Orchard’s website at: www.cityofportorchard.us.





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