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Police Recruitment

The City of Port Orchard participates in E-verify. Click here for information on E-verify. Click here for your Right to Work.

Department Information

The City of Port Orchard Police Department is a full service municipal police agency serving South Kitsap County. The City is home to approximately 13, 510 persons, but serves as the county seat of Kitsap County with a population of approximately 254, 633.  The Department currently employs 24 commissioned officers and six support staff. The Department is comprised of several specialized units, including a motorcycle patrol, bike patrol, marine patrol unit, detective unit, crisis intervention team, school resource officer program, reserve officer program, parking enforcement, and records and volunteer units.

The Department also takes part in several various joint agency teams including SWAT, the Traffic Safety Task Force, Investigative Response Team, and a Joint Narcotics Task Force.

Recruitment, Testing and Eligibility Roster Maintenance

Pursuant to the Port Orchard Police Civil Service Rules and Regulations of the City of Port Orchard, the Secretary/Chief Examiner may establish any eligibility list for use by applicants tested through and certified for eligibility through continuous testing process.

Currently, the City does maintain a continuous eligibility roster for both Lateral and Entry Level Police Applicants. Periodically the Civil Service Commission will instruct the Secretary/Chief Examiner to conduct the necessary testing and/or Oral Board. Utilizing parts and weights of the written and Oral Board process, as well as veteran’s preference and education credit(s) will determine final placement on the Roster.
A candidate’s name on an eligibility list shall be maintained for one year from the date of promulgation. Before the end of the one-year period on the eligibility list, the Commission may extend the period of eligibility for up to one year for all candidates from that specific testing periods, which are available for employment.

Entry Level Candidates
General Requirements

Applicants must be 21 years of age; be a US citizen, or be legally qualified to work in the United States; possess a high school diploma or GED; possess a valid Washington State Driver’s License; be legally able to possess a firearm in WA, and qualify with firearms;  be able to pass all requirements of the CJTC Basic Law Enforcement Academy, a medical exam, physical agility test, psychological and polygraph examinations, and a pre-employment drug screen; be able to read, write, and understand and interpret laws and other written materials.

Testing and Application Process

Individuals interested in applying for the Port Orchard Police Department for an Entry Level position must first successfully complete a written and physical agility examination with PublicSafetyTesting.com at www.PublicSafetyTesting.com or 1-866-HIRE-911. Successful test results are then forwarded to the City at which time an application will be sent to those candidates. Test results are valid one year from date of testing.

At such time that Oral Boards are to be conducted, each successful applicant will be notified via mail as to the time and date of the Oral Boards.

Lateral Level Candidates

The Civil Service Commission accepts applications for qualified Lateral Level Police Officer Candidates on a continuous basis. Applications for Lateral Level Employment may be downloaded from the link below, completed and returned either in person or by mail to the Secretary/Chief Examiner at 216 Prospect Street, Port Orchard, WA 98366.
An applicant for lateral entry employment must: (1) have successfully completed an approved law enforcement academy and be eligible for lateral certification by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission without attending the state’s full basic law enforcement academy; (2) have been employed as a full-time sworn police officer for a minimum of eighteen continuous months with a single agency; (3) must not have been out of full-time law enforcement service for longer that three years at date of hire.

Geoffrey C. Marti, Chief of Police
Debbie Lund, Secretary/Chief Examiner

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