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Press Release: Public Service Announcement

Posted on November 10, 2017

Press Release
Public Service Announcement:
The Port Orchard Police department has recently recieved several reports of theft of rental payments from drop boxes located at Apartment Complexes and Property Management buildings in the City of Port Orchard

This press release is being made to bring awareness to the situation.

We ask all citizens making payments to drop boxes to avoid this type of payment arrangement, if at all possible. The drop boxes are possibly being “fished” with a device. So even if the drop box appears to be secure, they maybe being compromised.

To assist Police please:

1. Hand deliver all Payment Checks to Appropriate staff, in Person, when possible

2. Immedietly report any suspicious activities you see around drop boxes by dialing 911. Be prepared to give as much detail on the suspect(s) as possible

3. If you witnesses someone tampering with drop boxes or acting suspicious and you can provide the Police Dept. with helpful information, Please submit an online informational report using website.

4. If you believe you are a victim of this recent theft, you can file an online report using the website. Please include as much detail as possible in your report.

5. Apartment Managers and Property Management Staff are encouraged to make an online report if they believe their drop box was compromised.

6. If you are unable to report using the online format, you can Dial 911 and ask to speak with an officer.

The Port Orchard Police Dept. takes this crime very seriously and will be vigorously investigating all leads.

Jana Deck
Crime Prevention Officer
Port Orchard Police Department
[email protected]

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